Health Award

$100,000 Minimum Grant

The Health Award recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to children in the fields of health, medicine or the sciences. Health Award Honorees are not required to hold the title of doctor or medical professional, however, they have all achieved and continue to achieve measurable accomplishments in areas such as pediatric cancer, burn injuries, heart failure and defects, dentistry and overall healthcare.

Our 2019 call for nominations is now closed. Click here for information on our annual nominations process and detailed Award requirements.


2023, 2015, 2010 Health Award, Hero Award, Sally Manchester Ricchiuti Protection Award

Adi Roche Chernobyl Children International

2018, 2009 Health Award, Hero Award

Douglas Maclagan Child Welfare Scheme

2017, 2008 Health Award, Hero Award

Jumana Odeh Palestinian Happy Child Centre

2017, 2006 Health Award, Hero Award

Jorge Rojas-Zegers COANIQUEM

2017 Health Award

Dr. Üstün Ezer LOSEV

2015, 2007 Health Award, Hero Award

Ricardo Bennun Asociación PIEL

2006 Health Award

Sunitha Krishnan Prajwala
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