HONOREE Frank Brady

Frank Brady was inspired by his own health crisis, a serious heart condition, to fight against inadequate patient care around the globe. Brady formed Medical Missions for Children (MMC) in 1999 to use communication technology to enable pediatric specialists to remotely examine and diagnose critically ill children. As a result, MMC has improved the quality of children’s health care in the world’s most impoverished regions.

Under MMC’s approach, medical specialists at top institutions counsel their less specialized colleagues on patient treatment and therapy through a telemedicine session using video conferencing and remote diagnostic equipment. MMC has helped provide care in more than 100 countries and has assisted in the recent treatment of more than 30,000 children.

MMC also operates the Medical Broadcasting Channel (MBC) a global Television Network that provides medical symposia to underserved hospitals including 750 hospitals in China. Frank Brady received a 2008 World of Children Health Award. To learn more about his program, visit www.mmissions.org

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