Nominations Closed

Nomination Update

There will be a new request for nomination as funding permits.

Award Requirements

In our mission to support life-changing work for children, we seek out only the most effective changemakers for children worldwide. To help us maintain this gold standard, all organizations must meet these minimum requirements.

General Requirements

• Organizations must have an existing nonprofit, not-for-profit, NGO, or charity organization in good standing.

• The organization must be able to receive grant funds.

• Organizations must have leadership and management in place that is responsible for the organizations success and growth.

• The organization must be entirely focused on helping children, especially vulnerable children.

• Organizations serving a substantial number of adults, do not align with this mission and will be disqualified.

• World of Children excludes any work designed to specifically advance any one religion or political position.

• The Board of Governors for the World of Children reserves the right to exclude organizations that are deemed religious or political in nature.

• Organizations must have served children for at least 10 years.

Specific Requirements for Youth Awards

Organizations serving vulnerable children that were founded by an individual 21 years old or younger must have been registered as a nonprofit, not-for-profit, NGO or charity organization for a minimum of 3 years.

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