HONOREE Jorge Rojas-Zegers


Santiago, Chile

Dr. Jorge Rojas-Zegers was working as a plastic surgeon in Santiago, Chile, when he discovered his true purpose in life: to help children who have suffered burn injuries. At the time, long-term treatment was scarce. Many burn victims never went on to complete their education, obtain employment, or return to society to lead fulfilling lives.

He founded COANIQUEM in 1979 to provide physical, emotional, and psychological support for young burn victims across Latin America. His goal: to help each of his young patients recover their functionality, self-esteem and social integration in order to lead a normal life.

Dr. Rojas-Zegers was first honored with the 2006 World of Children Health Award. Since then, his program has seen phenomenal growth. COANIQUEM currently operates three burn centers in Chile, which treat 8,000 children across Latin America and the Caribbean every year. The organization has also trained more than 300 pediatric burn professionals. This training has doubled the impact of the organization by spreading awareness about their holistic treatment model.

Dr. Rojas-Zegers received the 2017 World of Children Hero Award for his extraordinary commitment to unlock the future for young burn victims.



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