Awards Ceremony

Congratulating the 2013 World of Children Honorees

100 heroes helping thousands of vulnerable children around the world—with this year’s class of Honorees that’s how many individuals World of Children has honored in its 16 years of seeking out the most effective child advocates.

It was our privilege to gather these individuals together in New York City on November 7, 2013, as we paid tribute to their extraordinary efforts helping children.

This year we honored two young women, Sarah Cronk and Chaeli Mycroft, with the 2013 Youth Award and a $35,000 grant each. The Humanitarian Award and Health Award were bestowed upon Triveni Acharya and Mead Welles, respectively, with a $75,000 grant. The Alumni Award was given to Susie Krabacher (who was also awarded in 2006) along with a $50,000 grant. Two non-monetary awards were awarded to Lauren Bush Lauren, recipient of the Advocacy Award, and Maxine Martens, recipient of the Board of Governors’ Award.

Click on an image below to learn more about each Honoree.

Sarah Cronk
Sarah founded The Sparkle Effect, a program that promotes and creates inclusive cheerleading and dance teams across the United States.
Chaeli Mycroft
Chaeli Mycroft co-founded The Chaeli Campaign to help other disabled children, like herself, gain access to necessary therapy and education.
Triveni Acharya
Triveni is president of the Rescue Foundation. an organization that rescues children from sex trafficking.
Mead Welles
Mead Welles co-founded A Leg to Stand On, a non-profit helping children in developing nations get access to prosthetics and corrective surgery.
Susie Krabacher
Susie is the co-founder and president of Mercy & Sharing which helps vulnerable children in Haiti.
Lauren Bush Lauren
Lauren Bush Lauren is the founder of FEED, a social business dedicated to fighting hunger.
Maxine Martens is CEO of Martens & Heads! an a member of the World of Children Board of Governors
Maxine Martens is CEO of Martens & Heads! an a member of the World of Children Board of Governors
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