HONOREE Michaela Mycroft

Some people see disability as a burden, others as a gift. Born with cerebral palsy, Michaela “Chaeli” Mycroft sees her disability as the latter: a unique opportunity to speak around the world as an “ability activist,” working to create a global community that accepts and embraces disability.


Worldwide, less than 50% of children with a disability finish their primary education. This prevents many of them from ever reaching their full potential or becoming independent members of their communities.

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Chaeli is making sure all children have the ability to reach their full potential. She co-founded The Chaeli Campaign to support the mobility and educational needs of disabled children in South Africa. Since 2004, The Chaeli Campaign has helped more than 10,000 disabled children receive equipment, physical therapy and more. Chaeli will use funding from World of Children® Award to buy school materials for The Chaeli Campaign’s early childhood development program.

SKILLS TRAINING: For eight weeks, disadvantaged children under the age of seven will learn a variety of basic motor skills needed to succeed in their first year of school.

ENRICHMENT: Children enrolled in an inclusive enrichment center will be encouraged to celebrate difference and see ability in a different way, acknowledging that no matter how different we look or act, we all have something significant to offer one another.


Funds from World of Children will ensure 600+ children receive basic skills training and enrichment annually for the next two years.

About Michaela Mycroft

Watch an Exclusive Interview of Chaeli with Wendy Naugle of GLAMOUR

Check out the video below about Chaeli’s program, which aired at the 2013 World of Childrens Ceremony:

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