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Triveni’s work as a journalist led her to a brothel in India where she met a 10-year-old girl who had been imprisoned, sexually assaulted and stripped of her rights. This experience drove Acharya to dedicate her life to rescuing victims of trafficking. Determined to take action, Acharya and her husband convinced a policeman to accompany them on their first rescue of another young girl. She had been imprisoned in a brothel in Mumbai’s red light district. When they arrived, a group of girls were waiting for them, all desperate to escape.

Since then, Triveni has fearlessly led the way in rescuing over 4,000 victims of child trafficking through her organization, Rescue Foundation. Children rescued are provided with health care, legal aid, counseling, nutrition, and vocational training.

Triveni was first honored in 2013 with the World of Children Humanitarian Award and received the Alumni Award in April 2015 at the Alumni Honors inaugural event in Beverly Hills, CA. Most recently, she used our funding to rescue and rehabilitate 171 girls who were trapped in brothels in India. Triveni will use these new Award funds to rescue and rehabilitate 200 more girls.


Over 1.2 million children worldwide are bought and sold into sexual slavery every year, where they are abused, sexually assaulted and denied basic human rights.

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Children rescued by Rescue Foundation are placed in protective homes, where they are safe, supported, and have the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

SAFETY: Children rescued from brothels are immediately transported to one of Rescue Foundation’s safe houses, where they receive legal aid and protection from harm.

HEALTH AND NUTRITION: All children admitted into a safe house receive medical care, three nutritious meals every day, and psychological counseling.

REHABILITATION: Children learn income-generating skills like tailoring, embroidery, or vocational training, ensuring that they can sustain themselves once they fully recover and leave the safe houses.


Triveni is using our funding to rescue trafficked children and provide them with the individual care they need to recover, rebuild, and lead independent lives.

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