HONOREE Susie Krabacher


Haiti Children

For nearly 20 years, Susie Krabacher has provided care and education to abandoned, orphaned and disabled children in Haiti through her organization, Haiti Children. Their organization has never been about creating dependencies. Rather, Susie works to determine the best way to help each child, each widow, each woman, and each student become independent. While Haiti Children sows the future of independence—both for individuals and for Haiti as a nation—children are dying today. That’s why Susie runs Haiti Children with a two pronged approach: providing for orphans and school children today while creating independence for them tomorrow.

Susie travels to Haiti about every 6-8 weeks to work on behalf of those who are most vulnerable. Haiti remains a dangerous environment and she must hire personal security guards to accompany her. When Susie is not in Haiti, she works from her home in Colorado. She does not take a salary for her work, but spends over 50 hours each week advocating for the care and education of over 2,000 people a day. Susie also travels throughout the U.S. to deliver numerous presentations to spread awareness and generate support for Haiti Children.

Haiti Children has over 1,100 students enrolled in three schools and vocational training programs. All of these children receive vaccinations each year as well as a hot, nutritious meal every day. They also care for 126 orphans around the clock, 62 of whom are disabled. Disabled children are ostracized in Haitian culture and Haiti Children is currently the only organization in Haiti that takes these children in. They receive full medical care, including physical therapy and surgery, food, clothing, education, shelter, and loving care.

One of the ways that Haiti Children remains sustainable is because Haitians run their operations. The organization employs over 200 Haitians with only 4 U.S. Employees, none of whom live in Haiti.

World of Children first honored Susie with a Humanitarian Award in 2006 because of her determination to overcome both human and man-made disasters. World of Children also honored Susie with the 2013 Alumni Award in celebration of the significant work she and her organization has accomplished since 2006. The earthquake in 2010 wrought devastation in Haiti, yet Haiti Children continued to grow programs and services throughout this difficult period. Now, Susie is poised to ensure that Haiti Children is working in Haiti for at least 20 more years, regardless of the obstacles in her path.

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