Hero Award

Additional Grants for Past Honorees

Funding and support from World of Children does not stop when a grant is received. We continue to work with our Honorees in the years following their recognition, and the Hero Award is a unique honor given to those who have previously received an award. These are individuals who leveraged their original award far beyond what we could have anticipated—delivering an even more profound impact for children. World of Children provides additional grant funding and to all Hero Award Honorees.

Previous Recipients

2018, 2009 Hero Award, Health Award

Douglas Maclagan Child Welfare Scheme

2018, 2013 Hero Award, Youth Award

Sarah Cronk The Sparkle Effect

2017, 2006 Hero Award, Health Award

Jorge Rojas-Zegers COANIQUEM

2017, 2008 Hero Award, Health Award

Jumana Odeh Palestinian Happy Child Centre

2017, 2007 Hero Award, Youth Award

Meghan Pasricha Global Youth H.E.L.P., Inc.

2016, 2003 Hero Award, Youth Award

Ryan Hreljac Ryan's Well

2016, 2011 Hero Award, Humanitarian Award

Denisse Pichardo Caminante Proyecto Educativo

2023, 2015, 2010 Hero Award, Health Award, Sally Manchester Ricchiuti Protection Award

Adi Roche Chernobyl Children International

2015, 2007 Hero Award, Health Award

Ricardo Bennun Asociación PIEL

2022, 2015, 2013 Hero Award, Humanitarian Award, Sally Manchester Ricchiuti Protection Award

Triveni Acharya The Rescue Foundation

2015, 2009 Hero Award, Youth Award

Jessica Markowitz Richard's Rwanda-IMPUHWE

2014, 1998 Hero Award, Humanitarian Award

Chaim Peri Friends of Yemin Orde

2013, 2006 Hero Award, Humanitarian Award

Susie Krabacher Haiti Children

2012, 2002 Hero Award, Youth Award

Craig Kielburger WE Charity
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