Year in Review: 2014 was a great year, thanks to you

2014 Year In Review

Thank you for making 2014 the best year yet. Together with our Honorees, we ensured that more children have the chance to learn, grow, and become the amazing people they were meant to be. In 2014, we…

Changed Children’s Lives

a leg to stand on
Iman can now walk for the first time in her life, thanks to you.
With your help this year, our Honorees were able to provide vital services for vulnerable children around the world:

254 disabled children in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Indonesia and Pakistan are walking for the very first time in their lives, thanks to you. Mead Welles, co-founder of A Leg To Stand On, used our funding to provide prosthetic limbs, mobility aids and more for children suffering from a limb disability.

171 trafficked girls are no longer trapped in brothels in India, thanks to you. Triveni Acharya used our funding to rescue trafficked children, shelter them in safe houses, and give them the individual care they need to recover.

649 disadvantaged children in South Africa are thriving in school, thanks to you. Chaeli Mycroft used our funding to develop her early childhood development program, empowering children with and without disabilities with the skills they need to succeed in school and embrace each other’s unique differences.

126 abandoned children in Haiti have 24/7 shelter, food, medical care, and access to an education, thanks to you. Susie Krabacher used our funding to help some of Haiti’s most vulnerable children, giving them the chance to grow and reach their full potential.


Last April, our Co-Founders traveled to Rwanda to see the long-term impact of our funding. They visited Honoree Jessica Markowitz who introduced them to 40 girls whose lives have been changed forever, thanks to your help. Read about our upcoming trip >>

jessica markowitz
Jessica with some of the girls in her program. These young women are now on their way to change their communities, country and the world.

Funded Heroes

Thanks to your support this year, our 2014 Honorees are preventing children from living on the streets of Brazil; saving the lives of sick children in Laos; educating girls in Africa; ending bullying in the United States; and improving the lives of at-risk children around the world.


In November, 600 VIP guests and celebrities joined us in New York City to celebrate the work of the 2014 Honorees. That night, we raised $1.3 Million for vulnerable children around the world. Join us in 2015 >>


We want to give a special shout out to Archana Madidi for volunteering in our office; Cate Caldwell for running the New York Marathon; Beat of Hope for playing such beautiful music in support of our cause; our entire San Francisco Marathon team; Silene Young for running the Long Beach Marathon; and all of our Board Members and Ambassadors for investing their time, energy and knowledge in our important work for children. We couldn’t have done it without you! Become a Volunteer >>

Thank you for giving more children health, happiness and hope this year. We can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together in 2015.

Give in 2015

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