How Lucas Found His True Calling as an Artist

This week, a group of our supporters will visit two World of Children Honorees in Israel and Palestine to see firsthand how our generous donors have unlocked the future for children. Our first stop: Israel, where 2014 Honoree Chaim Peri and Yemin Orde Youth Village give at-risk and immigrant youth a second chance.

Students at the Yemin Orde Youth Village

A Difficult Childhood: Immigrating to a New Country

When he was in fifth grade, Lucas’ family moved to Jerusalem from a small town in northwestern France. Lucas* didn’t know any Hebrew, so he had trouble making friends and keeping up with his schoolwork. This made him feel isolated and angry. To cope, Lucas started drawing for hours during class.

Though he continued to struggle academically and came close to failing his classes, it became clear that Lucas had an extraordinary artistic talent.

yemin orde
Lucas painting at Yemin Orde

A Second Chance: Yemin Orde Youth Village

Everything changed in ninth grade when Lucas joined the Yemin Orde community. Village staff immediately recognized his artistic talent and encouraged him to paint in Yemin Orde’s art therapy program. Meanwhile, his teachers and counselors helped him strengthen his academic and social skills.

yemin orde
One of Lucas’ paintings

A Confident Student: Your Support In Action

Today, 14-year-old Lucas is a confident artist and student. He excels in math and Hebrew and continues to create exceptional works of art. His art has even appeared in private galleries in Tel Aviv. We have no doubt that Lucas could grow up to be a successful painter, all thanks to Yemin Orde and generous donations from people like you.

Stay Tuned!

Check back tomorrow to see pictures from the group’s visit to meet the youth at Yemin Orde!

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*Lucas is a pseudonym to protect the identity of the child in this story.

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