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Everyone has something that they are passionate about. Maybe you love creating art, spending your free time thinking up song lyrics, or simply can’t wait to score another goal on the field. But most people don’t know that they can use their passion to make a real difference in the world. Everyone has the power to create change; you just have to know where to start.

Martial arts was 13-year-old Dallas Jessup’s unique passion. One evening, she was at home watching television when a story about an abducted teenage girl came on the air. The news station showed chilling security video footage of the teenager being forcibly taken away by her attacker. Two days later, the girl was found dead.

Dallas knew that the girl would have had a chance to get away if she had known a few basic self-defense techniques. She decided to do something about it to prevent this tragedy from happening again. Using her background in martial arts, she teamed up with her street fighting coach to create an online video that showed viewers easy get-away moves to escape potential attackers in different situations. The video became 1 of 10 most downloaded production-length films worldwide.

Today, 20-year-old Dallas is at the center of a Million Girl Revolution, teaching girls around the world that they have the power to fight back. Just Yell Fire, her all-volunteer organization, offers training and powerful videos free of charge. It’s now an internationally-recognized resource for girls wanting to stop abuse, stop violence, stay safe and learn their rights.

Tonight, tune in between 6-7 EDT (3-4 PDT) for Passion to Action, a special online broadcast to teach you how to use your passion to make a difference in the world. Dallas, along with our other 2012 Honorees, will share how you can turn your inspiration into action. Each has an inspiring story; each used something they loved to do and used it to solve a real world problem.

Following an opening speech by Caryl Stern (President and CEO of the US Fund for UNICEF), Glamour magazine’s Wendy Naugle will host a panel interview with these humanitarian leaders. Online viewers will be able to send their own questions for our Honorees through our Livestream page.

Join us tonight for this special live broadcast:

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