Visiting COANIQUEM in Chile

In March 2016, World of Children Founders Harry and Kay Leibowitz and World of Children supporters are visiting three World of Children Honorees to observe their work first-hand and see how your donations have made a difference in the lives of children. World of Children Celebrity Ambassador Stephanie March joined them for the first two legs of their journey.

Second Stop – Chile, to learn more about Dr. Jorge Rojas’s work with children suffering from burn injuries

Over the last few days, we’ve shared the work of Dr. Jorge Rojas, a doctor in Chile who has dedicated his life to providing state-of-the-art care for children with burn injuries in South America. In 2006, we honored Dr. Rojas with our World of Children Health Award.  This year, we’re thrilled that some of us got to visit Dr. Rojas in person, meet the children he’s helping, and share his amazing work with many more people.

COANIQUEM March 2016 (10)
World of Children Founders Kay and Harry Leibowitz and Celebrity Ambassador Stephanie March pose with our host for the day – World of Children Honoree Dr. Jorge Rojas in front of COANIQUEM

We’re excited to share pictures from our visit and introduce you to some of the amazing children we had the privilege to meet in Chile earlier this week!**

Matias was visiting COANIQUEM for a checkup as part of his ongoing care for previous injuries. His little brother Tomas and his mother accompanied him to the appointment. Matias was happy to have us chat with him and the COANIQUEM staffer treating him while little Tomas cuddled up with Cate.

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World of Children Supporter Cate Caldwell with COANIQUEM patient, his brother, and COANIQUEM staff meember.

Both boys were thrilled with the soccer ball we gave them. Huge thanks to our wonderful partner Molten, who donated balls as gifts for many of the children we met on this trip!

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Maite (whose story we heard before visiting) was also visiting for follow up care. We first met her while she was working on a puzzle in one of the many child-friendly rooms that make COANIQUEM feel more warm and welcoming than many other hospitals.

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World of Children Co-Founder Harry Leibowitz meets COANIQUEM patient Maite

While a bit shy at first, Maite soon showed us her beautiful smile – we love those dimples!

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World of Children Board Member Sandy Sholl and COANIQUEM patient Maite

In addition to meeting the children, we got to see many of the wonderful COANIQUEM staff in action.

COANIQUEM March 2016 (2)
Dr. Jorge Rojas, World of Children Celebrity Ambassador Stephanie March, Board Members Molly Eldredge and Sandy Sholl, and Founders Kay and Harry Leibowitz look on a staff member explains his work

We were incredibly impressed by both their extensive knowledge of burn injury treatment and follow up care and their easy rapport with the children and their families.

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From left – World of Children Board Member Sandy Sholl, Co-Founder Harry Leibowitz, Board Member Molly Eldredge, Co-Founder Kay Isaacson Leibowitz, Supporters Lionel Mendoza and Cate Caldwell watch as a COANIQUEM staff member treats a patient

Before we left for the day, Harry and Kay made a few more stops to deliver Molten soccer balls.

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World of Children Founders Kay and Harry Leibowitz presenting COANIQUEM patient with a Molten soccer ball.

Seeing the smiles on these children’s faces, we have no doubt that the old saying is true – for us, it’s definitely better to give than to receive!

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We are extremely grateful to Dr. Rojas and COANIQUEM for hosting our visit and to the parents and children who allowed us to learn more about their experiences. To learn more about COANIQUEM, read our previous blogs: Treating Eliset, Mirko, and Maite for Burn Injuries and Burn Injuries Affect a Large Number of Children from Poor Households in the Developing World – Dr. Jorge Rojas is Helping

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**Some children’s names have been changed to protect their privacy.


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