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UPDATE: Danielle Gram of Kids for Peace

If you are familiar with the work of World of Children, you already know that we scour the globe for those doing the highest quality of life-changing work for children. We then use a set of rigorous criteria to determine the best of the best. Finally, we give grants and Awards to our Winners at our annual Award Ceremony in New York City.

However, another huge thing we do is help our winners position their Award so that they can gain media exposure and forge relationships with other partners and supporters. This last piece is what truly helps those we honor advance their work, which in turn will allow them to improve the lives of more children.

Below is an update sent to us by Danielle Gram, our 2010 Youth Award Winner and founder of Kids for Peace. This update highlights the connections Kids for Peace has been able to make in the wake of winning a World of Children last November.

“The World of Children has been an instrumental catalyst for elevating Kids for Peace’s work and improving the organization’s capacity to serve those in need. In just two months, Kids for Peace was featured in several news and print media sources, including Teen Vogue, The Christian Science Monitor, Girl’s Life, and Youth Radio. As a result of the elevated media attention, I have had the opportunity to connect with individuals interested in Kids for Peace from all over the world, from Australia to Zimbabwe.

“The grant has enabled us to create an impact evaluation geared toward our most vulnerable chapters. We look forward to launching the project this coming month and learning about how we can better meet the needs of children in high-risk areas. We are also very excited to have launched our Sister Chapter Program as a result of the World of Children. This will enable us to provide the basic materials for setting up and maintaining a chapter in the most resource-poor regions of the world. Thank you World of Children for elevating the cause of peace to a new level, and for believing that children can lead the way to a better future”

If you know of a bold hero who has made a significant difference in the lives of children, nominate them for a 2011 World of Children! Nominations will be accepted online in a few short weeks. In the mean time, receive a Nominations reminder email by clicking here.

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