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2015 Alumni Honors: Triveni Acharya Risks Her Life to Rescue Children from Brothels

At our inaugural 2015 Alumni Honors event on April 30, we will honor three past World of Children Honorees, all of whom used our Award and grant funding to expand their impact for vulnerable children around the world. Today, we are featuring 2013 Humanitarian Award Honoree Triveni Acharya, who used our recognition to garner more support for her cause, and our funding to rescue children from brothels and empower them with the ability to lead independent lives.

triveni acharya
Triveni with a girl rescued from traffickers in India.
If we had to describe Triveni Acharya in one word, it would be “courageous.” You feel it as soon as she walks into the room. Petite and soft-spoken, Triveni’s voice carries weight, and she has a contagious determination about her that makes you want to drop everything you’re doing to help rescue trafficked children in India.

“[Triveni] became the example I was searching for to give a purpose to my return trips to India,” said Eva Chayet, a supporter who met Triveni at our Awards Ceremony and later visited her in India. “That special evening I promised Triveni I would visit her on my next trip.” Read about Eva’s trip >>

Like so many of our inspiring Honorees, Triveni has made great personal sacrifices in the name of helping children in desperate need. But she’s taken an extra step, one that very few of us are willing to do. She has looked death in the face and told it that she’s not afraid, because if she can save another child from the horrors of a brothel, then it doesn’t matter what happens to her.

“I receive threats over the phone every day,” Triveni told us in an interview. “Sometimes there are physical attacks on us…If I die trying to rescue these children, then our second generation will be ready to rescue more children from sex slavery.”

girls in rescue foundation
Girls sheltered at the Rescue Foundation take a moment to laugh with each other.

Last year, Triveni used our funding to rescue 171 girls from brothels. Once afraid of what the next day would bring, these girls are now sleeping in clean beds in one of the Rescue Foundation’s safe houses, receiving medical care and nutritious meals, as well as therapeutic counseling. Read about a rescue operation >>

But even more than that, these girls are being empowered with vocational skills so they can become financially independent; they are learning English and computer skills, and taking self-defense training and yoga classes. Rescue Foundation doesn’t stop with basic needs: it ensures every girl rescued is empowered to take back her own life. Read one girl’s story >>

self-defense at rescue foundation
Many girls choose to take self-defense training and karate from teachers at the Rescue Foundation.

After being Awarded in 2013, Triveni leveraged our recognition and found sponsors to match our grant. This has enabled her to not only expand her program’s impact, but also to garner more support for her cause here in the United States.

On April 30, 2015, we’re flying Triveni to Beverly Hills for our very first Alumni Honors — an annual event that recognizes the extraordinary strides of past Honorees — where she will be honored once again for her brave dedication to children who need her most. We’ll also be honoring Dr. Ricardo Bennun and Jessica Markowitz for their heroic efforts.
Read more about the event >>

If you can’t join us in person, we hope that you will consider making a contribution to ensure Triveni and our other Honorees can continue heroically putting the lives of vulnerable children before their own.

triveni at rescue foundation
Once girls have recovered, the Rescue Foundation helps reintegrate girls back into their communities, so they can begin to lead normal, independent lives.
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