Child Trafficking

171 Girls Rescued from Child Trafficking in India, Thanks to YOU

Editor’s Note: Children who were victims of child trafficking in India needed your help, and you answered. Your funding is rescuing girls who are trapped in brothels in India, and providing them with the support and care they need to rebuild their lives.


triveni acharya
Triveni Acharya
Individual acts of courage and commitment. That’s how we’re fighting back against the horrors of child trafficking.

In India, changemakers like Triveni Acharya are busting brothels and standing up to traffickers, ensuring they are brought to justice for their crimes. As co-founder of the Rescue Foundation, Triveni has led the rescue of more than 4,000 victims of child trafficking in India. After being rescued, girls are immediately taken to one of Rescue Foundation’s safe houses, where they receive health care, legal aid and counseling. Girls are then enrolled in vocational training so they can become financially independent.

Impact of Your Funding

Last year, we honored Triveni with our 2013 Humanitarian Award and provided Rescue Foundation with $75,000 in grant funding. So far, our grant has funded the rescue of 171 trafficked girls.

Scroll through the gallery below to meet some of the girls who are now safe, thanks to you:

girls in rescue foundation
Girls sheltered at the Rescue Foundation take a moment to laugh with each other.
rescue foundation in india
Every girl who is rescued receives her own bed in one of the Rescue Foundation’s safe houses. Safe houses are guarded by armed security personnel, ensuring girls are safe from harm.
recovery center
Nearly all of the girls who are rescued suffer from sexually transmitted diseases and other serious illnesses. Once they arrive at the Rescue Foundation, girls are given immediate medical care.
lunch at rescue foundation
Along with medical care, girls receive a nutritious breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner every day, helping them stay healthy and strong.
counseling at rescue foundation
Counseling is an important step in the rehabilitation process, helping girls resolve past trauma and motivating them to go back to normal life.
vocational training at the rescue foundation
To help girls become more financially independent, Rescue Foundation provides a number of vocational training options, including agricultural development, rearing cattle, and milk production.
tailoring at rescue foundation
Here, a girl works on a sewing project, one of the other vocational classes offered at Rescue Foundation.
class at rescue foundation
A classroom of girls learn basic English at the Rescue Foundation.
computer class
Computer skills are also important for getting a good job in India.
self-defense at rescue foundation
Many girls choose to take self-defense training and karate from teachers at the Rescue Foundation.
Yoga classes are also offered at the Rescue Foundation.
triveni at rescue foundation
Once girls have recovered, the Rescue Foundation helps reintegrate girls back into their communities, so they can begin to lead normal, independent lives.

There are so many other children who still need your help. This holiday season, make a donation in the name of a loved one by visiting 100% of your gift improves the lives of vulnerable children around the world.

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