Visiting Two Heroes in Israel and Palestine

jumana odeh
2017 World of Children Alumni Honoree Dr. Jumana Odeh with Leila, a joyful little girl with special needs who receives treatment and care from Dr. Odeh’s program, the Palestinian Happy Child Centre.

Last week, a group of our supporters visited two World of Children Honorees in Israel and Palestine to see firsthand how our generous donors have unlocked the future for children. The group started their trip in Israel, where they spent the day with 2014 World of Children Alumni Honoree Chaim Peri at the Yemin Orde Youth Village. Then they traveled to Palestine to visit 2017 World of Children Alumni Honoree Dr. Jumana Odeh at The Palestinian Happy Child Centre.

We are excited to share photos from their inspiring journey to show how your generous support is unlocking the future for children in Israel, Palestine, and beyond.

First Stop: Yemin Orde Youth Village

Mt. Carmel, Israel

Almost 20 years ago, Chaim Peri stood on the stage at the first World of Childrens Ceremony to receive the 1998 World of Children Humanitarian Award. Last week, we were once again inspired by Chaim and the team at the Yemin Orde Youth Village. Here, at-risk children from around the world can do more than just live and study; they can feel at home.

“There are many success stories from children who have left Yemin Orde as young adults, both in Israel and the countries from whence they came,” said World of Children Co-Founder Kay Isaacson-Leibowitz. “It was a very inspirational day for us all.”

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Second Stop: Palestinian Happy Child Centre

Ramallah, Palestine

In Palestine, being born with a developmental disorder often leads to a very isolated childhood. Not only do you have trouble finding specialized education and medical care, but you are also discouraged from talking openly about it. 2008 World of Children Health Honoree Dr. Jumana Odeh founded the Palestinian Happy Child Centre (PHCC) in 1994 to ensure children with disabilities have access to the services they need to thrive. The PHCC provides specialized services for children while empowering and educating parents, teachers, and local agencies about children with special needs.

“The approach of PHCC is simple: involve the community so that they come to love and accept this group of children,” Dr. Odeh said.

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Read more about our journey here. Donate today to help Honorees like Chaim Peri and Dr. Jumana Odeh continue to unlock the future for children around the world.

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