Journey to Southeast Asia: Founders to Visit 3 Past Honorees and their Programs Serving Children

Seeing the hope and happiness on a child’s face—that’s what Harry and Kay love most about visiting with children around the world.

Kay with child in Nepal
Kay Isaacson-Leibowitz smiles with a child in Nepal in 2013. Photo courtesy Michael Crook.

On March 5, 2015, our Founders, Harry Leibowitz and Kay Isaacson-Leibowitz, will arrive in Cambodia as part of their 3-week journey that will include first-hand experiences with award-winning programs serving children.

This isn’t the first time our Founders have traveled halfway around the globe. And it won’t be the last.

“We try to spread our visits around to different parts of the world,” Harry Leibowitz said. “We have been to Eastern Europe, Africa and South America so it was only appropriate to visit Southeast Asia next.”

The trip to Cambodia, Laos and Thailand will include visits with three past World of Children Honorees, including:

During these visits, Harry and Kay will witness first-hand how World of Children funding has helped these Honorees’ organizations and improved the lives of vulnerable children.

“We always find the Honoree programs to be much more comprehensive and extensive than we could have imagined,” Harry said.

Harry with child in Haiti
Harry Leibowitz enjoys a laugh with a child in Haiti in 2011.

Our Founders are accompanied by board member Maxine Martens and executive director Lynn Wallace Naylor. Together with their guests, they will be a full compliment of 12 eager travelers.

“I hope they come to appreciate even more the impact their commitment makes to the children,” said Kay Isaacson-Leibowitz, speaking of what she hopes her fellow travelers will gain from the experience.

The Itinerary:

The trip will be divided into 4 segments. You can follow along every step of the way by checking for updates on our blog and on Facebook and Twitter.

Part 1: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Benoit with KidsThe first leg of the journey includes a visit with 2012 Humanitarian Award Honoree Benoît Duchâteau-Arminjon. Benoît is the founder of Krousar Thmey, one of the largest Cambodian foundations for disadvantaged children. Krousar Thmey provides an educational program for deaf and blind children who otherwise would be left behind academically. Read about the visit »

Part 2: Siem Reap Cambodia

kenro izuIn Siem Reap, Benoît will host the group at another one of his schools for deaf and blind children. Afterwards, the travelers will visit the Angkor Hospital For Children, part of the Friends Without A Border nonprofit founded by 2014 Health Honoree Kenro Izu.

Part 3: Luang Prabang, Laos

One of the most anticipated parts of this journey is surely the visit to the brand new Lao Friends Hospital for Children in Laos. Funding provided to Kenro Izu at the 2014 World of Childrens Ceremony helped equip this new hospital which provides high-quality, compassionate medical care for every child that walks through its doors. Learn more about Kenro and the new hospital »

Lao Friends Hospital for Children
The Lao Friends Hospital for Children opened its doors in February 2015. It will provide free, compassionate medical care to children.

Part 4: Bangkok, Thailand

The last leg of the journey will find our caravan in Thailand, visiting 2001 Honoree Sanphasit Koompraphant whose work with The Center For The Protection of Children’s Rights Foundation is a legend in Southeast Asia.

Relive Other Journeys:

Relive the joy and excitement of other journeys into the field to visit past World of Children Honorees. Follow these links to read inspiriting stories of our Founders’ most recent visits to Rwanda, Nepal and Ukraine.

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