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In Laos, FWAB Provides a Lifeline to Children Like Sith

Thanks to our generous supporters, as part of Kenro Izu‘s 2014 Health Award, World of Children was able to fund a backup generator for the Friends Without a Border Hospital in Laos. The backup generator allows the hospital to continue to provide a much needed lifeline to children even when there are disruptions in their regular power supply. We received the following story from FWAB as an example of one child World of Children funding has helped to lead a better life. 

Sith before picture

When the staff at Friends Without a Border first saw fourteen month-old Sith, he was extremely weak. His parents, poor rice farmers from the Northern Laotian province of Xayaboury, had traveled three hours with Sith to bring him to the Emergency Room at the FWAB hospital. He had been growing weaker and more tired each day and they knew something must be wrong.

The medical staff first confirmed that Sith was malnourished and severely anemic. After running more blood tests, they saw that his hemoglobin level was dangerously low – around 30% of what is normally considered the threshold for a “low” count. They diagnosed Sith with Thalassemia, a genetic red blood cell disorder extremely common in Laos. Children with Thalassemia require routine blood transfusions to remain healthy and Sith, undiagnosed for his first fourteen months of life, hadn’t received any.

FWAB immediately admitted Sith as an inpatient and provided the blood transfusion he desperately needed. For the next few days, they also provided Sith with food supplements to counter his malnourishment. Within just a few days, Sith underwent a miraculous transformation. He grew stronger and became more energetic. A smile returned to his face. His mother was thrilled and incredibly grateful for FWAB’s care – provided free of charge.

Once he was strong enough, Sith and his mother returned home to Xayaboury province. They will need to make the journey back to FWAB every few months to monitor his red blood cell count and receive transfusions as necessary to maintain healthy levels. As long as his family continues to visit FWAB for these treatments, Sith can look forward to a healthy and happy childhood.

Sith after picture_cropped

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide a lifeline to children like Sith, we’re asking our community of donors to continue supporting World of Children programs with a gift that will Inspire Better Childhoods. A gift in any amount can have a life changing impact – inspiring health, joy, laughter, and bright futures for the most vulnerable children around the world.

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