Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to the 2014 Honorees!

On November 6, 2014, it was an absolute thrill to honor the 2014 Honorees at our Awards Ceremony in New York. Take a minute to get to know these heroes by reading their exclusive interviews. Be sure to share their images with your friends as a token of your congratulations.

Gregory John Smith, 2014 Humanitarian Award Honoree

Gregory gave up his comfortable life in Norway to change the lives of street children in Brazil. Now, he runs a program that not only rescues children from the street, but prevents them from living there in the first place. Read Gregory’s interview >>

Gregory John Smith

Kenro Izu, 2014 Health Award Honoree

While in Cambodia, Kenro saw something horrifying: a young girl dying in a hospital bed because her father couldn’t pay for her operation. He became determined to provide quality healthcare to other children in Cambodia, and today runs one of the country’s most well-respected healthcare programs. Read Kenro’s interview >>

Kenro Izu

Jaylen Arnold, 2014 Youth Award Honoree

At a young age, Jaylen was bullied at school for being different. Now, he’s is on a mission to end bullying for good. Read Jaylen’s interview >>

Jaylen Arnold

Mary Grace Henry, 2014 Youth Award Honoree

Mary Grace Henry became determined to reverse the course of another girl’s life by funding her education. She started by selling handmade headbands at her school’s local bookstore, using 100% of the profits to fund the education of girls living in extreme poverty. Now, she runs a successful social business that has funded the education of girls in Kenya, Uganda, Paraguay and Haiti: Read Mary Grace’s interview >>

Mary Grace Henry

Chaim Peri, 2014 Alumni Award Honoree

Chaim Peri’s very name means “fruitful life” in Hebrew, and he has taken that connection to heart. For more than 30 years, Chaim has brought new meaning to the word “life” for thousands of youth around the world who were uprooted or from dysfunctional homes, giving them a long-term home base at Yemin Orde in Israel. Read Chaim’s interview >>

Chaim Peri

Marlo Thomas, 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree

As National Outreach Director for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Marlo travels the country throughout the year, raising funds and awareness for the hospital. In 2004, she created the hospital’s annual Thanks and Giving program, an unprecedented collaborative campaign that brings together more than 60 of the nation’s leading corporations that has so far raised $500 million dollars from holiday shoppers everywhere.

Marlo Thomas

Jim Gold, 2014 Board of Governors’ Award Honoree

Jim Gold is President and Chief Merchandising Officer for Neiman Marcus. He maintains a strong commitment to community service, and currently serves on the board of World of Children and the Dallas Museum of Art. Jim has been involved with World of Children since 2007 and has been a passionate advocate for the organization’s mission of improving the lives of vulnerable children.

Jim Gold
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