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Baby Genesis – A Tiny Miracle

baby-genesisLooking at the statistics, it’s amazing that we met Genesis at all – that she had survived her first year of life and was sitting there with us in Colombia.

Born premature in March 2015, Genesis was delicate and still small for her age when we met her in March of this year on a visit to Honoree Catalina Escobar’s Juanfe Foundation.

At birth, Genesis was severely malnourished and suffered from respiratory issues. She was born in a slum where her young mother not only lived in crushing poverty but also suffered from mental illness.

It seemed probable that Genesis would become one of the more than 2.6 million children born every single year who do not live to see their first birthday. 

But Genesis was fortunate. Her grandmother brought her to the Juanfe Foundation when she was four months old, weighed just four pounds and was developmentally delayed. Juanfe provided immediate care to combat her malnutrition and then continued with outpatient support.

In the first 6 months, Genesis more than doubled her weight and began developing normal motor skills. By the time we met her, Genesis was a very different baby with a different future ahead of her. 

Harry and World of Children supporter Cate Caldwell meet baby Genesis in Cartagena
Harry and World of Children supporter Cate Caldwell meet baby Genesis in Cartagena

Genesis is just one of many children our amazing Honorees help every single day. These heroes hold and care for children, protecting them from disappearing as just one more statistic.

And YOU are the reason they can do this incredible work.

This year-end, your gift can be the reason one less child becomes just a statistic. Together, we can ensure that more children have a hand to hold and hope for a better life.

Thank you for standing with these children against the odds.

And thank you for helping us create a brighter future, one little hand by one little hand and one little heart by one little heart.

Harry Leibowitz and Kay Isaacson-Leibowitz
Co-Founders and Co-Chairs
World of Children
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