World of Children & CommonTerra


The 25-year tradition of World of Children is now powered by the innovation and strength of CommonTerra!

We’re thrilled to share the news that the next generation of World of Children is now being powered by the Sholl-Freede Family Foundation – called CommonTerra.

You may see changes in the technology and efficiency of our work… yet as a partner and investor in uplifting children’s lives…absolutely nothing about the deep impact of our work will change.

As long-standing partners in World of Children’s work, we hope you will stay with us!

As the Sholl-Freede FamilySandy Sholl, Adam Freede, and Daniela Braga Freede, we have a deep calling to protect children from suffering and harm. The family has dedicated 30 years to philanthropy and served as World of Children board members for more than a decade. By uniting under the banner of CommonTerra, we are driven to establish a more responsible, equitable and sustainable world – both for our planet and our children.

We appreciate the trust that World of Children Co-Founders have placed in our hands to carry the mission forward. Our very dear friends, Harry and Kay Leibowitz, have given decades of their lives in the fight to make this world a better place for children. We feel truly privileged to lead World of Children into the future.

As the founders of MadaLuxe Group, we are business leaders with a passion for people, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation thru a technology forward approach. We plan to lead World of Children to an exhilarating version 2.5 – a new chapter marked by growth and transformation.

  • For 25 years, World of Children has awarded $15 million to 130 organizations working in 70 countries, improving the lives of millions of children.
  • CommonTerra, along with legacy donors of World of Children, have committed $3 million in funding to support World of Children going forward.
  • Our family will uphold World of Children’s unique guarantee to full vet every grant recipient with an intensive audit. We promise that 100% of your investment will be directed to the exact outcomes you intend for vulnerable children.

You have delivered essential impact for children… yet this new journey has just begun, and we thank you continuing to support World of Children as a vital investment in our children.

We’ll be sharing messages and invitations on this website for donors who wish to continue to support children in need, to as well as for Changemakers who would like to receive funds to serve children – please stay tuned.

We appreciate your continuing trust and partnership.

Most sincerely,

Sandy Sholl
Co-Founder & Co-Chair CommonTerra

Adam Freede
Co-Founder & Co-Chair CommonTerra

Daniela Braga Freede
Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor CommonTerra

To connect with the CommonTerra team please send a message to [email protected]

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