From Tampa Bay Times: To Class of 2015 grads, speakers dig deep to find nuggets of advice

“On Saturday, University of Tampa speaker Kay Isaacson-Leibowitz, Class of 1968, admitted that as a C student with no idea what she wanted to be, she never imagined giving a commencement address. “Nor did my professors, parents or friends,” she said, laughing.

But she would become prominent in retailing, serving as a senior executive at Victoria’s Secret, and co-founding the World of Children that helps children around the globe.

In uplifting remarks, Isaac­son-Leibowitz said curiosity is her most prized trait. “It has pushed me to make bold decisions, to be a courageous leader, to be passionate about my life and my career,” she said. “Curious people are good listeners and say what needs to be said.”

Be curious. Excellent advice, at last. Congratulations, every Class of 2015.”

Read the full article here


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