The Results of Our Back to School Survey – 2014

education survey results
Two weeks ago we asked you what your favorite subject was when you were in school. Here are the top 3 responses:

  1. 1. Art class
  2. 2. Science
  3. 3. History

So for all you artsy folks, where are all the paintings and pretty sculptures? C’mon, we want proof!

No, in all seriousness, we’re thankful for each of you that responded and let us know about your favorite subject in school. Education matters — whether you’re learning how to perfectly shade a basket of fruit, how to light your Bunsen burner, or what the Treaty of Versailles was all about.

All around the United States — and even the world — children are headed back to school this week. Indeed, many students already are back to their studies. For the past several weeks, we’ve been on a quest to raise $2,000 for children to help them in their education — both in and out of the classroom. With just 1 week left in our campaign, we need your help to reach our goal.

back to school kit$20 is enough to provide a “school readiness” box for a differently-abled child in South Africa. Each box includes scissors, pencils, play dough, colored paper, crayons, a drawing book, eraser, bean bag, inflatable ball, ruler and more so they can continue learning at home with their parents.

Give $20 »

Sparkle Effect CheerleaderOr, you can be a child’s biggest cheerleader by underwriting the cost of a new Sparkle Effect uniform so students with and without disabilities can cheer alongside each other with pride during school performances.

Give $50 »

Don’t see your favorite subject in the top results? Let us know in the comments why your favorite subject deserved to be a winner. Thanks for all your support!

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