Photo Update from Haiti!

We recently received some photos from Susie Krabacher, our 2006 Humanitarian Award Honoree, who founded The Mercy and Sharing Foundation in Haiti. Before the earthquake, Susie had a feeding program that was serving over 800,000 meals a year. Much of this was destroyed by the quake, but the organization is now back up and running in two locations.


This program provides thousands of children with a daily meal. The programs run in rural areas where food and jobs are scarce. The plates typically consist of rice and beans and meat. The children are always served first, and then whatever remains is set aside for the elderly and the infirm.


Many children who come to these feeding centers are not in school. Those who are lucky enough to afford a school uniform and go to class are given a recess to visit the feeding center and receive what is often their only meal of the day. The scene at the feeding centers is often a crowded one; since the number of children who come to eat is greater than the number of benches available, many sit on the ground. After the meal, the children return home or return to school.


We were so excited to get this photo update, and we are equally excited to share this wonderful work with all of our wonderful supporters.

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