A Message From Our Founders – Thank You For Your Support in 2013

Harry Leibowitz and Kay Isaacson-Leibowitz with Children
Harry and Kay visit children in Nepal with 2009 Honoree Douglas Maclagan

Dear Friends,

Thank you for furthering our mission to support vulnerable children. As the New Year approaches, we can look back on 2013 with immense gratitude, knowing that with your help, we brought thousands of children health, happiness and hope.

With your help this year, our Honorees were able to provide essential services to vulnerable children around the world:

Cambodia– In Cambodia, 620 deaf children and 350 blind children attended a special school run by 2012 Honoree Benoît Duchâteau-Arminjon. Benoit also ensured that 18 disabled youth could attend university. This year, 6 of them graduated and found a job.

russia– In Tomsk, Russia, 2012 Honoree Dr. Nilas Young trained a pediatric cardiac surgeon to increase his capacity for treating children with heart defects. This new surgeon and others at his facility will provide life-saving heart surgery for more than 600 sick children every year.

kenya– In the small town of Sikirar, Kenya, 390 children are now attending school in two new classrooms with new blackboards, desks, textbooks, and a school garden, built by 2012 Honoree Craig Kielburger.

Dominican Republic– In the Dominican Republic, 32 teenage mothers received technical training, classes in maternal care, and job placements from 2011 Honoree Denisse Pichardo.

Nepal– 130 disabled children in Nepal were treated for clubfoot by 2011 Honoree Dr. Ashok Banskota. They are now walking and playing soccer for the first time.

These children and thousands more have directly benefited from your generosity, personal time, and commitment to our work. Thank you for all that you do; your impact on children’s lives is truly immeasurable.

However, our work is far from over

Right now, little girls are being sold into sex slavery in Cambodia, Nepal and India. But with each donation you give for the premium of one World of Children key you can rescue 5 girls and provide them with the counseling, medical care and job training they need to transition into a productive life.

In developing countries around the world, children are going to bed hungry. Many have not eaten a proper meal in days. But when you donate and receive a World of Children t-shirt you can feed a child for an entire month.

When great challenges face us, which way do we run?

Today, we ask you to run toward them, toward the children who most need our help. Only by combining our courage and passion for change can we even begin to touch the lives of all of these children, one little hand by one little hand.

We will be running at full speed toward every great challenge that faces us in 2014.

Will you join us?

Make your year-end gift.

Wishing you a joyful and Happy Holiday,

Harry Leibowitz and Kay Isaacson-Leibowitz
Co-Founders, World of Children

Harry Leibowitz signature Kay Isaacson Leibowitz Signature
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