Meet Our Hero: Dr. Üstün Ezer

2017 Health Award Honoree

One child started it all. One doctor made change a reality.

For any parent or grandparent, making it a priority to show up day after day for life-saving treatment seems like an easy decision when your grandson is diagnosed with leukemia. But when it means compromising the only money your family relies on to survive each day, that decision may be harder than you think.

In the mid-90s, Dr. Ezer faced this exact problem, unsure how to help his patient survive when at the most basic level, they simply stopped showing up to receive treatment. After tracking down the young boy’s grandfather in their village, he promised him 15 Liras ($3.75) of his own money each time he brought his grandson in for treatment. That amount would cover more than four days of work to support their family. Three years later, the boy was cured, but Dr. Ezer realized this common problem was one that needed to be changed.

In 1998, LÖSEV was founded to provide access to free, life-saving treatments and a strong, holistic support system to children with leukemia and chronic blood disorders. Two short years later in 2000, with the support and help from gracious donors and the community, LOSANTE Children’s Hospital was founded, becoming the first hematology hospital for children in Turkey.

The campus in Ankara provides care in 80 different medical specialties. The facility includes a hotel where families and visitors can stay during treatment, a village for out-patients receiving on-going treatment, an elementary and secondary school, and a vocational center for parents and families.

Before LÖSEV was founded, only 22% of children with leukemia survived in Turkey. Now, thanks to intensive research, increased awareness, and an integrated approach that includes not only medical treatment but also socio-psychological support, the survival rate has increased to 92%.

Please help us in congratulating Dr. Ezer on his outstanding accomplishments as our 2017 World of Children Health Award Honoree!

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