HONOREE Veronica & Brian Grazer


Former World of Children Board of Governors

World of Children Co-Founders Harry and Kay Leibowitz met Veronica Grazer in 2014 and shared their hopes of creating a new event—the World of Children Hero Awards in Los Angeles—to recognize past honorees who had leveraged their Award to serve even more children. Veronica did not hesitate. She became the first volunteer, the first partner, a mentor in planning and creating the event, and she brought a vast knowledge and expertise to the team for all things LA.

On April 30, 2015, Veronica and her husband Brian, together with Kay and Harry, served as World of Children honorary chairs for the inaugural Hero Awards.

Since that time, Veronica has become one of the most active World of Children board members. She continues to be a game changer for the organization, and her focus is always on the vulnerable children we serve.

Veronica and Brian gone above and beyond to use personal opportunities and events to give back. In lieu of wedding gifts for their 2016 nuptials, they asked attendees to donate to World of Children to help thousands of children. This past year, Veronica shared her birthday with vulnerable children, raising nearly $25,000. Their commitment to World of Children is never about them. It’s about their deep faith and commitment to making the world a better place for children.

Their philanthropy has become a family affair, and their trips around the world with their children always include volunteering, giving back and working side by side as a family to make a difference.

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