HONOREE Marian Wright Edelman

Children's Defense FundMARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN

Children’s Defense Fund
United States

Marian Wright Edelman is the founder and president of the Children’s Defense Fund, an advocacy group for disadvantaged children. Through her efforts, the Children’s Defense Fund has educated the nation about the needs of children (especially the poor), minorities and those with disabilities.

Edelman is a scholar and humanitarian, as well as a nationally known speaker and author of several books on the subject of advocacy for children. Since she was an Honoree for World of Children, she has continued in her efforts to help children through the Children’s Defense Fund.

The Children’s Defense Fund drafted the comprehensive Act to Leave No Child Behind®, which was introduced to Congress in May 2001 and is designed to do what its name implies. The Act will use our nation’s resources, intellect and willpower to make it a birthright for every American child to receive a Healthy Start, Head Start, Fair Start, Safe Start and Moral Start in life. The Act addresses key areas that affect a child’s well-being, education and preparation for adulthood. Several of the key provisions have already been enacted, which includes a change in the Child Tax Credit that will help lift 500,000 children from poverty.

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