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“Child Protection” Blog Carnival

A blog carnival is a blog entry that pulls together articles on a particular topic. For our January Blog Carnival, we’ve pulled together stories from various World of Children Honorees on the topic of Child Protection.

These stories represent a breadth and depth of thinking and on-the-ground intervention that we are incredibly proud to support through our Award program. Read through for stories from Honoree programs protecting children from child-trafficking, abuse, neglect, and the vulnerabilities associated with being poor, orphaned, or disabled in countries as widespread as Colombia, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Mexico, India, Ukraine, Haiti, and the United States.

Kalpana’s Rescue and Recovery

Rescue Foundation 3

Born in Nepal, Kalpana was tricked and sold into sexual slavery in India. After tasting the bitterness of a stolen childhood, Kalpana’s future is bright thanks to rescue and rehabilitation provided by World of Children Honoree Triveni Acharya and her Rescue Foundation. Read the story here.

Artem’s New Family Protects and Heals His Heart

CCI Artem with Tatiana

When Artem joined his new adoptive family, he was suffering from physical and emotional scars that left him vulnerable to sickness, abuse, and even death. Thanks to the healing power of love and timely intervention from Honoree Adi Roche’s Chernobyl Children International, Artem has a bright future ahead of him. Read the story here.

After Ebola: Sillah’s Journey to EducAid

EducAid Sillah 1

The World Bank identifies Orphans and Vulnerable Children as a group requiring special consideration and intervention. The Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014 placed many more children, including Sillah in this high-risk group. Read Sillah’s story of loss, survival, and a new beginning with Honoree Miriam Mason-Sesay’s EducAid program.

Emmanuel Fights for His Life

Casa de la Amistad - Emmanuel cropped

When Emmanuel was diagnosed with cancer, his family gave up everything to get him the care he needed. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. He and his family were virtually homeless and still couldn’t afford his treatments. Read how Casa de la Amistad, founded by Honoree Amalia Garcia Moreno stepped in and helped the family stay together and battle Emmanuel’s cancer.

Poverty and Child Malnutrition in Colombia

Mother and Child in Colombia

In the worst cases, poverty prevents families from accessing basic medical care and adequate nutrition and young children die from completely preventable conditions. Read how Honoree Catalina Escobar’s Juanfe Foundation helped two young mothers care for their malnourished children and protect them from this worst possible outcome.

Protecting Children Living With Disabilities in Haiti


HaitiChildren, founded by Honoree Susie Krabacher, is one of the only organizations in Haiti that will welcome and care for children regardless of their disabilities. This means they get many calls to help the most vulnerable – the children no one else will help. Read how their Rehabilitation and Therapy Center has changed the lives of five special children and is equipping them for the future.

Special Considerations for Child Protection After the Nepal Earthquakes

Nepal Youth Foundation 1

The deadly earthquakes in Nepal last spring put the young survivors at risk for another tragedy – the danger of being sold by human traffickers. Read how Nepal Youth Foundation stepped in to ensure children’s safety in the months following the quakes and their long term strategy for continuing to provide protection to the most vulnerable children.

World of Children Co-Founder Harry Leibowitz Talks About the Issue of Child Sexual Imposition in the United States


Looking at the issue of child sexual imposition (abuse, trafficking, pornography) can be incredibly painful. This has lead us as a society to deny its existence. This not only robs the victims of an opportunity to be seen and heard, it allows the practices to continue. It’s time to come together and act decisively to protect these children. Read on to learn more about the issue and how you can help.

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