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An Inspiring Amputee Story: Alex and Maverick Can Run

Two Kids from Altso running Alex and Orlando (aka “Maverick”) are two typical young boys, except for one thing they hold in common: both Alex and Maverick are congenital amputees — meaning they were born without one of their limbs — and like so many disabled children in developing countries, could not look forward to a future of independence and opportunity.

Thankfully, Alex and Maverick found treatment through A Leg to Stand On (ALTSO), an organization founded by 2013 Health Award Honoree C. Mead Welles. Alex was fitted with a trans-tibial (below knee) prosthesis, and Maverick received a trans-femural (above knee) prosthesis. In April 2013, Alex and Maverick ran — yes, ran — in the 2nd Annual Jenn Lee 5k Race in Ibarra, Ecuador, to help raise awareness and funds for other people with disabilities, particularly amputees in Ecuador.

Thanks to Mead and ALTSO, Alex and Maverick can look forward to a full, independent life that is not hindered by their disability. We applaud your work, Mead Welles, and all those who work with you!

Alex Before and After Treatment:

Alex Before and After Shots

Maverick Before and After Treatment:

Maverick Before and After Shots

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