100% of public gifts directly support programs serving vulnerable children worldwide.

Generous contributions from our Board of Governors pays for 100% of general and administrative costs and fundraising costs. It is the board’s policy that 100% of public contributions are used exclusively to support and advance programs serving children. They pay for things like rent, staff salaries and office supplies, so every penny you raise will go to children who desperately need it.

2018-2019 Annual Report


2017-2018 Annual Report


2016-2017 Annual Report


Audited Financial Statements
World of Children March 2018 Audit Report
World of Children March 2017 Audit Report

Form 990s
2018 World of Children 990
2017 World of Children 990
2016 World of Children 990

“100% of the public contributions were used exclusively to promote and advance programs of Honorees or were paid in cash grants issued directly to Honorees.”

Crosby & Kaneda Certified Public Accountants, Oakland, CA

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