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A letter from Adi Roche

Below is letter from Adi Roche of Chernobyl Children International to our Co-Founder, Harry Leibowitz. We wanted to share the amazing work that Adi and CCI are doing – we couldn’t have supported their extraordinary efforts without YOU!

Dear Harry,

I cannot thank you enough for the second installment of your gift of $25,000. In the name of the World of Children, a life-saving child cardiac mission took place in February 2011 in Khariv, Ukraine. With your wonderful gift the volunteer surgeons were able to perform life-saving cardiac operations on up to 40 children to give them a life-expectancy beyond the 2 to 3 years that might normally be expected of children with ‘Chernobyl heart’ congenital heart deformities.

Fourteen medical volunteers, including cardiac nurses, technicians, Clinical Coordinator and two surgeons traveled to Kharkiv, Ukraine for two weeks to complete this mission, perform child cardiac surgeries, upskill local physicians and provide essential medication to perform the surgeries.

As a result of the World of Children funding, we have also been in a stronger position to access additional cardiac experts and specialists to the programme. For instance, two leading Irish cardiac specialists joined a mission to Ukraine in 2011, as a result of the promotion of the World of Children to Chernobyl Children International.

Once again Harry, I would like to thank yourself and the entire team for your generosity and support of our work. You have not abandoned these children. You are a true miracle-worker and from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for helping us to continue to serve some of the world’s most fragile, disadvantaged and forgotten children in the affected Chernobyl regions.

In Deepest Gratitude,

Adi Roche


Chernobyl Children International

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