5 Gifts to Benefit Children for Just $25

Introducing the New World of Children Online Gift Catalog

This Giving Tuesday, we are excited to announce our new online gift catalog! The new store makes it simple to help a child in need for as little as $25. So how much good can $25 do for children? In the hands of our World of Children Honorees — a lot!

Thanks to their work, this Giving Tuesday — and every day — your $25 donation can help children around the world.

1. Medicine and Supplies for a Child with Disabilities for One Week

Adi Roche – Ukraine and Belarus
health25-2When a child is institutionalized, he or she is often deprived of the opportunity to experience family life, feel like a full member of society and develop in a normal environment. When that child has limited physical or mental abilities, his opportunities to thrive in an institutional environment are close to zero. Chernobyl Children International is pioneering an effort to enable children with severe disabilities to remain at home with their families by providing necessary medicine, supplies, and access to in-home medical care. Your gift provides all medicine and supplies for one family for a week, allowing them one more week at home with their precious child. Buy this gift »

2. Vitamins and Supplements for 5 Babies

Catalina Escobar – Colombia
vitamins and supplements for babiesChildren born into poverty in Colombia have little access to medical care. In addition to medical complications, many suffer from malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies that compound their health issues. Your gift provides a course of vitamins and supplements for 5 infants in the Juanfe Crib Sponsorship Program, helping them recover their health and ensure long, happy lives. Buy this gift »

3. Rescue Operation to Save 4 Girls from Sex-Trafficking

rescue operationTriveni Acharya – India
The International Labour Organization estimates that there are 4.5 million victims of sex-trafficking world wide. About a quarter of all trafficking victims are children. The Rescue Foundation conducts rescue operations in India’s red-light districts to help girls escape the horrors they face daily in brothels. Your gift funds rescue operations that bring 4 girls out of slavery and into a safe rehabilitation program. It is the gift of a first step into a new life. Buy this gift »

4. 100 Exercise Books for Young Students

Miriam Mason-Sesay – Sierra Leone
education exercise books for childrenProvide 100 exercise books to students in EducAid schools in Sierra Leone. Exercise books provide opportunities for students like Samuel and Joseph to practice mathematics problems, test their reading comprehension, or write creatively. Strong educational foundations will allow students to prosper in life and break the cycles of poverty so prevalent in Sierra Leone.Buy this gift »

5. Pain medication for 250 child patients in Laos

Kenro Izu – Laos and Cambodia
Pain medication for childrenIt’s hard to imagine that there are places in the world where children have to travel unthinkably long distance to access healthcare – harder still that when they do arrive at a hospital or doctor’s office, something as simple as pain medication might be in short supply. Your gift provides pain medication for up to 250 child patients at the Friends Without a Border hospital in Laos and helps ensure that every patient has access to quality care. Buy this gift »

Each gift contributes to health, education, or humanitarian programs for children. These are gifts of hope, of love, of life.

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Exclusive Jewelry

In addition to our symbolic gifts catalog, we are pleased to offer our collection of jewelry made exclusively for World of Children by the talented team at James Banks Design, including pieces like these beautiful bracelets:

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