Honoree Spotlight

15-year-old Honoree Talia at Techonomy

For the rest of the week, our 2008 Founder’s Youth Honoree and the Founder of RandomKid, Talia Leman, will be participating at Techonomy. The word “Techonomy” is a neologism (a combination of the words technology and economy). Techonomy’s participants are many of the world’s brightest minds from a variety of fields, including the world’s former richest man, founder of Microsoft and famed philanthropist Bill Gates. The intent of Techonomy is to use technology to revamp the world’s economic structure and to meet certain global challenges that humanity currently faces.

When you check out Techonomy, search for Talia and her organization RandomKid.  Talia was selected to participate because she has used technology to organize millions of youth to create an economy of change.   Talia and RandomKid have already linked together 12 million youth from 20 countries to bring aid on four continents.

At Techonomy, she is slated to unveil RandomKid’s new website.  I personally cannot wait to see this new site and what technological innovations it capitalizes on.  I am sure that the site will allow Talia and the rest of the RandomKid team to even more effectually organize youth with the intent of making a real, lasting change.

All of us at the World of Children are very proud of Talia and the impact she has already had in her young life.  To learn more about Techonomy, click here.  Also, look out for RandomKid’s website, which should be launched some time this week!


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